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Fire Alarm Monitoring

What is a Fire Alarm Monitoring System?

One type of fire alarm service our Maine team offers is the installation of a fire alarm monitoring system. Where the fire alarm system is the system of sirens, lights, and other warning signals alerting people that they need to evacuate a building, the fire alarm monitoring system is what connects your building to appropriate public services. In other words, the fire alarm monitoring system is the system that signals operators to send out the fire department, police department, and ambulance services.

The fire alarm monitoring system is understandably a more complex system to prevent false alarms from causing expensive deployment of public services. This is why this style of fire alarm service will first go to a middle-man operator who will first attempt to contact your business (generally via a mobile alert and/or phone call) to ascertain if this was a false alarm or emergency scenario. If you do not respond within the appropriate time, then they will pass on the information and contact the correct authorities.

Fire alarm monitoring systems are critical for businesses and residential facilities because both types of places have scenarios in which they will be unoccupied. Thus, while your general fire alarm service will alert human occupants that they need to get out, it is not going to alert the correct authorities to prevent a fire from growing and potentially wiping out a residence or commercial space. Only the fire alarm monitoring system can do that.

For more information about installing an effective fire alarm monitoring system, or to have your existing system inspected, contact our team at Maine Fire Protection Systems today.