3 Common Fire Alarm Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Here at Maine Fire Protection Systems, we do a lot of fire alarm inspection services for businesses. Some of those fire alarm inspection consultants are with businesses that opted to do their own fire alarm installation and did it very poorly. Not correctly installing a fire alarm system can open the door to legal and insurance issues, so it’s important to ensure this task gets done correctly. The following are three of the common fire alarm installation mistakes every business that chooses to do this task on its own should watch out for:

  1. Installing in drafty locations. Fire alarms are built to be sensitive because it is better to have a false alarm than to risk delaying until a fire gets out of control. That said, you should avoid setting your alarm system near drafty locations, a common cause of false alarms that can cause unnecessary interruption and stress.
  2. Installing only one type of fire alarm. Different alarms detect different fires, such as ionization versus photoelectric fire alarms. Don’t risk employee and property safety; ensure you have the right mix of alarm systems during fire alarm installation.
  3. Fire alarm installation didn’t include connecting alarms. Finally, your fire alarm installation should include multiple interconnected alarms for the best effects.

In the end, the best way to avoid these common fire alarm installation mistakes is to have a professional fire alarm inspection and installation team like ours get the job done. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.