Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Opportunity Provided. Promises Kept.

We are currently seeking motivated and team-oriented individuals to join our fast-growing company.

What Makes Maine Fire Different?

Focus On What You Do Best

At Maine Fire, you won’t bounce around to do the ‘job of the day’. We like our installers installing, our service team servicing, and our inspectors doing just that.

We’ve Got Your Back

Do you know what you WON’T be doing a lot of at Maine Fire? Paperwork. We’ve invested in the systems and processes to support your work, not add to it.

Grow With Us

Our departments are set up to provide you with plenty of growth. Additional responsibility and the career opportunities that come with it await those who value the challenge.

Jobs We’re Currently Hiring For

Fire Sprinkler Apprentice

The apprentice assists the licensed sprinkler fitter on the job site with handling pipe, fittings, valves, and other material. Our on the job training will teach you about the design and installation of different fire sprinkler systems.

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Fire Sprinkler Fitter

We are currently seeking an experienced Fire Sprinkler Fitter to join our amazing and growing company. The perfect candidate will be proficient with sprinkler installation, maintenance, and inspection of large and small systems of all types. 

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Alarm & Detection Technician

We are seeking experienced technicians to perform service and inspection activities on electrical fire alarm systems, access controls, security, cctv and nurse call systems.

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Fire Sprinkler Service Technician

We are seeking an experienced Fire Sprinkler Service Technician to join our amazing and growing company

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Fire Sprinkler Inspector

We are seeking an experienced Fire Sprinkler Inspector to join our amazing and growing company

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Fire Sprinkler Estimator

We are currently seeking a Fire Sprinkler Estimator to join our amazing and growing company

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Fire Sprinkler Sales

We are currently seeking candidates for the position of Fire Sprinkler Sales to join our amazing and growing company! In this position, you will demonstrate your expertise in fire sprinkler sales.

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Fire Alarm Inspector

We are currently seeking an experienced Alarm and Detection Technician to join our amazing and growing company! In this position, you will demonstrate your expertise as a Fire
Alarm Inspector.

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Answers to common questions

Where would my job be located?

We work throughout the State of Maine as well as in New Hampshire.

Is there out-of-town stay?

Occasionally there will be jobs that require our people to stay out of town.  We provide the hotel accommodations and per diem.

Does Maine Fire Protection lay people off in the winter?

In short: No. Our industry is highly specialized, and work is in high demand.  

Do I need my own tools to start?

Not required, but there’s a list of basic hand tools you will need as you work your way through the program.

What is the starting pay?

For sprinkler fitter apprentices, we are starting people with zero experience at $20/hr. Wages increase based on advancement within the program.

For all other positions, we offer very competitive salaries based on experience.

How long does the apprenticeship program last?

Minimum of two years.  A lot depends on the individual and how quickly they can get through the books and testing portion.  

Can you provide some details on what the apprenticeship job looks like?

We provide training in the areas of new installations of various types of fire protection systems.  The program consists of in-house training in our shop to start to get you familiar with basic pipe fabrications and all the components.  

Followed by bookwork, testing as well as full-time on-the-job training.  You will be paired with and working side-by-side with an experienced sprinkler fitter, installing a variety of pipe and tubing materials operating a wide range of tools in measuring, cutting, and threading of pipe for installation, fitting connections, and testing new commercial and residential automatic fire protection systems.  

Do you work on weekends?

The short answer is YES; there may be the occasional time when weekend work or night shift work is necessary.  

Because we are in a service industry as well, we work in all sorts of commercial environments—sometimes, facilities experience maintenance shutdowns, so our schedule can vary.  We may need to be in a facility on weekends when their equipment isn’t running to perform our work.  We also may need to do the work during a night shift.

Also, we are a 24/7 service industry. Eventually, when you become a competent fitter, you are placed on the “on-call” rotation schedule for a week, where you would be responsible for responding to any service-related emergency calls for that particular week.

Additional details:

  • We provide a shift differential in pay for night work 
  • We provide an on-call bonus for the week you’re on call as well as the week before when you’re back up for the person who is on call.

What benefits do you offer?

Employer-paid healthcare, 401K matching, l/S term disability, company-paid holidays, paid vacation time, per diem for out-of-town stay and profit sharing, boot allowance, and we provide all PPE.

Trained fitters and technicians have a company-provided vehicle.