How Often Do Fire Sprinkler Systems Have to Be Checked?

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most important safety systems a commercial property can invest in. Your company’s fire sprinkler systems serve as a critical front line of defense. Where fire alarms are essential for warning people of an impending emergency, fire sprinkler systems serve to reduce the disastrous effects of the fire itself.

Your fire sprinkler systems should, when properly maintained, automatically activate in the event of a fire, dousing targeted areas with water to dampen the fire and prevent its spread. Some people worry that this dampening will cost more than potential smoke and fire damage, but think again. A fire suppressed early will prevent the wholesale destruction of property, as well as serve to protect the lives of those within a building who cannot quickly exit. In fact, fire suppression systems (of which fire sprinkler systems are the most common) are legally considered “a reasonable level of care” in liability terms. This means that without working fire sprinkler systems or similar systems, a business owner can face more than $1 million in liabilities per each life lost in a building fire.

Note the keyword “working.” It isn’t enough for you to have fire sprinkler systems installed. You must have documentation that they have been regularly inspected and checked to be working. This is where our safety systems inspection team can come in handy. For the absolute best effects, every business should have the mechanical parts of their fire sprinkler systems inspected and tested every quarter. Other aspects of your system, such as alarm tests, trip tests, fire pump tests, and more, can be done semi-annually to annually. To learn more about the specifics of these tests and to schedule your next fire safety systems inspection, give our Maine team a call today.