What Businesses Should Expect During a Fire Alarm Testing

We know that business owners and managers have a lot of important daily tasks on their plate, but keeping your employees and building guests’ safe by ensuring all safety devices are in proper working order should be of paramount concern. Fire alarms are an excellent example of this. Fire alarms quickly and efficiently warn everyone within a facility of a potential fire emergency, giving them the time they need to exit safely. As such, proper and regular fire alarm testing should be scheduled by every type of business.

During fire alarm testing, our fire protection company will go through your facility to conduct an array of tests to ensure all related devices are in good working order. This comprehensive fire alarm testing includes checking all smoke and heat detectors, completing battery tests and replacing them where necessary, checking annunciators and fire zones, inspecting output relays and correct activations, flow-switches, tamper switches, low-pressure alarms, and finally, ensuring supervised control valves and switches are in good order. Yes, every one of these features of your company’s fire alert system will be inspected, and the correct recommendations will be made where those inspections show any issues.

How long this fire alarm testing will take will depend upon the size of the facility and the complexity of the fire system itself. Generally, our fire protection company can complete a thorough fire alarm testing within an hour for small systems within small buildings, but those facilities with multiple locations might take a couple of days. The best way to understand how long your fire alarm testing will take is to give our Maine fire protection company a call today.